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How to Make Your Role Playing Game Enjoyable




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Make Your Role Playing Game Enjoyable
Using programs like RPG maker can be a fun way to make games, so be aware of all the tips this article can give to make an ultimate created RPG


  1. 1
    Take your time. If you even create a game in short time, spending even more time to create extras, details, characters, secrets, towns, etc... will make the game better for sure.
  2. 2
    Don't forget the storyline. The storyline of a game can save the player from quitting it, so, by being creative, creating a storyline that is deep might force the player to play the game, therefore it could make the player go direct to storyline objectives, making the game shorter by the fact its an open world game, so let the player breath on the storyline too
  3. 3
    Apply freedom. Freedom is the meat of an RPG, even if the player isn't in the mood for exploring, he will be happy to know that new things and challenges will be awaiting for him.
  4. 4
    Succeed on the atmosphere. When a game of aliens is ridiculous, its because the atmosphere wasn't that cool, and since alien games are far from reality, the atmosphere will be very good or just too bad.
  5. 5
    Don't make long and uninteresting maps. The player will play it because he wants and you just uploaded, so make it fast paced and fun because its still single player; what would be of Ragnarök Online if it was just single player?
  6. 6
    Be sure to let the player choose things. Who knows if the player really wanna help the character X or only have an option to do to proceed the storyline yet he doesn't like it; the solution is, multiple options and endings either.
  7. 7
    Don't waste the game after the ending. The "Megamen: Battle Network" franchise has something really interesting, 60% of the franchise unable challenges, give the world a worse look, unable to talk to characters and even worse things after the ending, is it worth it? A fan of the game have to have everything done to then complete the game?
  8. 8
    Balance everything. Unbalanced RPGs aren't a shocking aspect when they are single player, but players might notice how lazy the creator was to not make a solid relation of weapons, armors, etc...
  9. 9
    Be sure it is interesting. even if you did it right, the player could be even tired because he played a similar one yesterday, so, be sure to be innovative and interesting.
  10. 10
    Now spread quests. Create some challenges that characters pass to the player like crime investigations, delivery, dungeons, secret spots, killing bosses, getting items dropped by monsters; all is fine until you start repeating them, if the player gets two very similar quests to do, it just make the game feel tiring sooner, so work with quality and amount even try to create quests never seen before.
  11. 11
    Create Characters that has characteristics. Batman: Arkham City isn't an RPG, but when you read more about the characters, each one has special characteristics, making you identify yourself with someone, like Penguin, Two Face, Freeze.
  12. 12
    Make the main character more than someone. If the player doesn't like the main character he doesn't like the game, this also mean you could make the "Create a Character", but it could make the storyline weaker, for those who apply the "Create a Character" option, a very good tip to maintain the fun, is to make a lot of dialog options each talk.
  13. 13
    Humor is good. the fun parts can turn someone who likes the game into a very "fan boy", and its just a good aspect to explore, because it is an aspect, so if you add humor to some quotes and situations, the game would gain more than lose, because it can catch the player attention.
  14. 14
    Don't make it so sad. Losses doesn't combine with RPG that much, as said, when the player is unsatisfied with the current place on the story, he will go direct to it to try to make it better and will forget many things the game can ofter.
  15. 15
    Work with a radiant AI. if you don't understand radiant AI, get an example: you had many easy quests you didn't done, and now, they are so easy because you can kill any monster that were challenging, the radiant AI would make a monster related to your level and still make the quest challenging.
  16. 16
    Input Easter eggs. For what reason do you put small pieces from other games? Simple, the player will feel smarter since he knows where it comes from and/or will have more fun.
  17. 17
    Make the villain active. Its very boring to aways see the bad guy sitting on a throne and doing nothing by hes own, when he is too close, change locations, surprise the player or whatever, he stays more villain, and putting characteristics would also make it well made
  18. 18
    And more than just one villain. Its pointless to make a game you fight the same guy always, spread some bad guys across the game and make the player enjoy each step of the story.
  19. 19
    Find some good soundtrack. The rules are simple, calm music for calm moments, fast music for fight, etc... but also, be sure its not only 3 soundtracks, and gauge how much time you can hear them without being tired
  20. 20
    Make your world active by creating events. The game was well done, but sometimes, its just boring that the player have to go for everything, nothing unexpected will catch or surprise him, create random desperate npcs asking for help, monster attack somewhere, thieves attempting to rob you, strange npcs that makes you opt to follow them and know whats really going on or whatever.
  21. 21
    Surely make the ending more especial than just saving the world. This king of ending don't surprise anyone, even if you are about to make an heroic ending like that, create some revelations or things that will make the ending cooler.
  22. 22
    Have your graphic sense. What does a player prefer? to fight on ruined cities with an orange fog or beautiful forests and plains filled with villages, waterfalls, lakes, people, etc... every detail about graphics and places are important.
  23. 23
    Make characteristics to towns too. Getting in a different town that has the same items for the same price? Considering you will make different quests, good. But it doesn't feel perfect that every town can suit your needs since they are all equal, create hits and misses for each one, so the player could see the differences and breath the good of each town.
  24. 24
    Don't make the images too flat or perfect. Its just lazy to do it when you know you can do more and make things more realistic and intriguing, graphic is an very important aspect as soon as it shows how the game look like.
  25. 25
    Use the luck to satisfy the player on any situation. A lot of percentage across the game is cool as ever, even when you apply to an npc the player will enjoy the naturality of wins and losses trough indirect rates, spreading percentages of success is a great way to make the player know that he will never get everything(which is good)
  26. 26
    Be sure to don't make the player get stuck. The game isn't famous, unless its very good, but to avoid the time waste of searching a solution, patrol your entire game and make sure the player will know what to do and the npc will remind him when possible
  27. 27
    Make the enemies you fight interesting. Think of gameplay, any combat system that you use can be boring because of the enemies, so be sure they will be challenging and different so the player don't get unsatisfied of such the most important aspect for many people
  28. 28
    And be sure the enemies will come for a reason. create an npc that creates a battle when he touches you if necessary, but back at the good times of Megaman: Battle Network and many RPG, a battle appears whenever you walk some distance like 10 yards, this is gets more and more boring because you get slowed down more often when you even have better things to do, so, make sure the player have an option to avoid the monsters
  29. 29
    Labyrinthsare they fun? Lots of rpg makes this drama, big maps and dungeons that doesn't let you know what path takes you to the X spot, this labyrinth strategy just work with long and entertaining games, specially when they are online


  • Be sure to don't fail on the Battle system you will use

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