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sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More



El PDF de arriba pertenece a un torrent obtenido de Demonoid hace varios años llamado "rpg theory". 

Debido a su importancia y a la dificultad de su obtención he decidido subirlo a mi cuenta de 4shared para que esté disponible para todos.

¡Espero que os sirva de ayuda!

Aquí os dejo con un extracto de su contenido:

For those of you who don't keep score in the Pyramid Forum, someone suggested I write a column on how a Dirty GM rewards his players. Well, I started that column about seven times, but never got further than a few paragraphs. The problem? I couldn't keep focus. I couldn't keep on one subject without stumbling onto another one. Each was a big enough subject to deal with all on its own, and I've got a word count here (otherwise, I'd go on and on and on. . . ), so this week is the beginning of a series.

In this series (I think it's going to be a three-parter), we'll take a look at a few assumptions that nearly everyone takes for granted in roleplaying games, and how a Dirty GM turn those assumptions to his own advantage. This month, we begin our series with one of the greatest assumptions in roleplaying, and when I say greatest, I mean Greatest.

I'm talking about Experience Points.

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