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sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Let's All Go to the Movies!



El PDF de arriba pertenece a un torrent obtenido de Demonoid hace varios años llamado "rpg theory". 

Debido a su importancia y a la dificultad de su obtención he decidido subirlo a mi cuenta de 4shared para que esté disponible para todos.

¡Espero que os sirva de ayuda!

Aquí os dejo con un extracto de su contenido:

"This month's column deals with a tricky subject: something we authors like to call "creative plagiarism." And before you get any funny ideas, consider the fact that Wee Willy Shakespeare is the God-King of this little practice. Bill stole the plots for almost all his plays, but the trick here is that he changed almost everything else. Like our friend Mister Lucas, he made "old stories in new costumes."

I'm gonna give you three plots from Hollywood films and show you exactly how to rip them off -- while keeping your dignity at the same time. Hold on to the safety bar, folks. We're going at top speed this month."

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