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martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Ancient and Fantasy Armor Revisited



El PDF de arriba pertenece a un torrent obtenido de Demonoid hace varios años llamado "rpg theory". 

Debido a su importancia y a la dificultad de su obtención he decidido subirlo a mi cuenta de 4shared para que esté disponible para todos.

¡Espero que os sirva de ayuda!

Aquí os dejo con un extracto de su contenido:

"Many fantasy game systems fall victim to the myth that medieval armor is both heavy and cumbersome. While GURPS made the leap that armor is not particularly cumbersome, the myth of its excessive weight continues to exist. Some study will reveal, however, that the weight of medieval armor has been badly blown out of proportion. Also, a couple of armor types that were common in the medieval period have been ignored. 

While in some cases estimates had to be made, the chart below provides a reasonably accurate system for gaming. The GM could alter some things, depending on the "true" tech level of his world. For instance, in our modern society leather is relatively expensive (several dollars a square foot for armor-weight leather), whereas steel can be purchased at a scrap yard for pennies per pound. The expensive part of producing body armor with these two materials in a modern setting is the labor. In a medieval or equivalent setting, labor was cheap and plentiful. Leather was used more extensively, and was much cheaper as well. Iron or steel, on the other hand, could be very expensive, depending on the time period in question. In early medieval times, iron was scarce and hard to come by, and was very expensive. It's also difficult to work; there were no handy steel mills to produce a sheet of 16 gauge to use for armor. Instead, a smith was needed to beat the steel into a sheet by hand."

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